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Early spring clean up

Spring Cleanup Tips: Revitalize Your Outdoor Space

April 3, 2024

Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor space after the long winter months. A Spring cleanup helps freshen up your yard, enhance its appeal, and prepares it for the growing season ahead.

Regular yard maintenance is essential for keeping your outdoor space healthy and thriving. From promoting plant growth to preventing pest infestations to maintaining curb appeal, consistent yard care plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and beautiful environment.

How long does it take to do a Spring clean up?

It’s important to approach the work of doing a Spring cleanup with realistic expectations. Factors such as the size of your yard, the level of maintenance required, and the availability of tools and equipment can influence how and when you do this work.

Size of the yard

The size of your yard directly impacts the time and effort needed to clean up. 

If your outdoor space is on the larger side, you may want to consider dividing your yard into sections and tackling one part at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed or too physically tired.. 

Additionally, having a clear plan of what needs to be cleaned up  in each section can help streamline the process and ensure that no areas are overlooked. 

Level of maintenance required

Yards with high maintenance needs, such as overgrown plants or extensive debris buildup, will naturally take longer to clean compared to regularly-maintained yards. 

Although it’s tougher to do, start with the most challenging areas first. You’ll be glad you got that out of the way first. From there, work your way through your yard until you get to the easiest areas to tidy up!

Tools and equipment

Having the right tools and equipment on hand is very helpful to clean up your yard with ease. Items such as rakes, pruners, and a lawn mower are essential to remove debris, clean up your landscaping, and care for your lawn. Ensuring you have everything you need before starting will make your cleanup work more efficient and slightly more effortless. . 

A Spring cleanup checklist

Removing debris and dead plants

Start by clearing away any fallen leaves, branches, and dead plants from the winter season. Removing debris not only enhances the appearance of your yard but also helps prevent potential mold and pest issues. 

Mowing and edging the lawn

Give your lawn a fresh look by mowing it to an appropriate height and edging along pathways and flower beds. Well-maintained grass not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your yard but also supports healthier root growth.

Final thoughts

Regular maintenance throughout the year can help reduce the heavy lifting once Winter is over and Spring is in the air. 

By staying on top of yard maintenance, you can enjoy a flourishing yard year-round.