Surcharges and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your monthly plans, you can request your cancellation at least 15 days before the next calendar month, and your plan for the following month will be cancelled without penalty. However, cancellation for the current month will not incur any pro-rated refund.

If you want to cancel your annual or seasonal plans, you can also request to cancel your service before the next calendar month, and you will be cancelled without penalty for the following month. However, your annual or seasonal payment discount will be deducted.

Potential Surcharges

Snow Removal Service – Packed Snow and Ice Policy

If you are setting up service after November 1, and there is snow or ice from previous snowfalls that require clearing during the first service visit, an hourly charge of $65/hour apply. This is only applicable to your first visit.


Lawn Care Services – Overgrown Grass Policy

If the grass length exceeds 6” for the initial service visit for your Weekly or Bi-weekly Lawn Mowing plan, then an ADDITIONAL one-time surcharge will be applied to compensate for the additional time needed for the job and additional wear and tear on the equipment. After the initial 6 inches of grass, each additional 6 inches of grass will incur a multiplier to the base rate as shown below.

Grass Length Under 1500 sqft Under 2500 sqft Under 3500 sqft Under 4500 sqft Under 5500 sqft
6 – 12″ $30 $40 $50 $60 $70
12 – 24″ $60 $80 $100 $120 $140
24 – 36″ $120 $160 $200 $240 $280
36 – 48″ $180 $240 $300 $360 $420


Updated on September 21, 2021