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Overgrown leaves in spring

From Leaf Litter to Pruning: Bug-Safe Spring Clean Up Guidelines for a Flourishing Garden

April 18, 2024

Spring is the perfect time to remove any debris, prune dead branches, rake up dead grass, and prepare the soil for planting. Getting a Spring Clean Up now will ensure a beautiful and healthy garden throughout the growing season. 

However, starting yard cleanup too early may not be ideal according to some experts from lawn care services. Did you know that our yards provide essential habitats for bugs and insects? 

During early Spring, these critters help our yards flourish and thrive, all season long! Bees, butterflies, and moths are crucial pollinators that help increase the production of fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

Similarly, lady beetles, fireflies, and wasps are highly effective in eliminating common garden pests, such as aphids and grubs.

By relying on these beneficial insects, gardeners can significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides, thus saving money and protecting the health of humans, pets, and the environment. So, it is safe to say that these insects are nature’s very own pest control and pollination army!

When’s the best time to do a Spring Yard Cleanup?

It’s hard to know when to start cleaning up your yard since insects emerge from hibernation at different times, after the snow and ice thaws.

It’s fine to leave some leaves! Although leaves are considered “litter,” they are an important part of a healthy garden.

Leaving your leaves in the garden a bit longer allows them to decompose and provide nourishing mulch for your soil. 

Another option is to mulch the leaves with your lawn mower before blowing them back into your garden beds to decompose and provide nutrients for your plants.

Leaving bare soil in your garden isn’t a bad idea at all. Ground-dwelling insects like bumblebees and hummingbird moths flourish on bare soil.

Take away

Knowing when to start cleaning up your yard in the Spring and be mindful of important bugs and insects might be a moving target. Just take your time and allow those critters to grow so they can provide the nourishment your yard needs to be healthy and vibrant.