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Tackle the dandelions with help from your local Yardly Pro

Love your lawn this summer! Yardly offers convenient lawn fertilization and weed control in certain locations, so you can keep the weeds away and get a better-looking lawn.

Weeds can invade at almost any time, so it’s important to keep up your lawn maintenance throughout the growing season. Call Yardly for convenient and effective lawn weed control, and enjoy a lush green lawn all summer long.

Your Yardly Pro will take care of your weed control and fertilization at the same time, so you get a full care treatment with each monthly visit. We’ll give you the best results for a more beautiful lawn.

We only offer weed control services in certain locations across the country from the beginning of May until the end of September. Bundle your weed control, fertilization, and grass cutting services together for a complete lawn maintenance solution.

Check out the FAQs below for more details about Yardly’s weed control and fertilization services. Book early so your grass has more time to grow without competition from weeds!