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Need help battling the snow? We’ve got you covered.

Richmond Hill is the go-to city for winter activities. The city has endless trails and a short drive to skiing. Have a worry-free winter with Yardly taking care of your property for the full season. Take the first step in forgetting about shovelling; request your quote today! With monthly automated payments and an auto-renewal option, Yardly has a plan for just about every homeowner!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee. Our customer support is available seven days a week should you encounter any issues or questions regarding your snow removal service. Yardly services only residential customers so you don’t need to worry about being second fiddle to commercial clients.

Snow removal available six months a year!

Our crews are ready around the clock during snowfalls. Snow Removal services are available in Richmond Hill from November to April every year.

Full season snow removal

Premium Plan



Unlimited Snow Removal for every snowfall over 2.5 cm accumulation
Guaranteed service within 12 hours of the snowfall ending
Repeat service visits during continuous storms

Elite Plan



Unlimited Snow Removal for every snowfall over 2.5 cm accumulation
Guaranteed service within 8 hours of snowfall ending
Repeat service visits during continuous snow storms

VIP Plan



Unlimited Snow Removal for every snowfall over 2.5 cm accumulation
Guaranteed service within 3 hours of snowfall ending
Repeat daily visits during continuous snow storms

Why choose Yardly

Instant Free Quote

We use satellite imaging to review your property so you can get a quote in seconds.

Professional & Insured

All services are done by full-time professionals who are insured with $2M+ liability insurance.

Month-to-Month Plans

All of our plans run on a month-to-month basis, so you won't get penalized when your situation changes.

Professional Customer Support

Help available 7 days a week to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Simple Online Ordering

Order easily on your cell phone or desktop, just like online shopping.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

You get to rate the job after each service visit. We won't rest until the job is done right.


What Snow Removal Plans are available?

Yardly’s Snow Removal Plans are the easiest and most reliable way to have a snow-free property all winter long. A dedicated Yardly Pro will be assigned for each property to ensure the continuous care of the property for a flat monthly rate with no surprises.

Our Snow Removal services run from November to April of the following year, and our services include unlimited snow clearing for every time it snows over 2.5 cm (most competitors do 3-5 cm). No matter how many times it snows in a month, you are fully covered. If the snow continues for several days, we will also remove snow during the storm once per day. We have three customized Snow Removal Plans to suit your snow removal needs.

  • Premium Plan: Service time within 12 hours of snowfall ending*
  • Elite Plan: Service time within 8 hours of snowfall ending*
  • VIP Plan: Service time within 3 hours of snowfall ending* (limited capacity)

* Timing guarantees may be extended under extreme storm conditions with snowfall more than 10cm, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Are salt or ice melter available?

We offer rock salt and premium ice melter products for sale. We can deliver the products to you in bags (20kg/bag, 4 bag minimum) or in a bin with bin rental (140kg of product included with rental)

Rock salt is a form of sodium chloride, that is commonly used both residentially and municipally to manage ice. They typically are effective to -7 degrees Celcius. 

The ice melter we use is a blend of polyols, organic salts, and bio-additives encapsulating a non-organic chloride. The premium product is better than rock salt in the following ways:

  • Less corrosive to concrete and metal
  • Effective at much colder temperatures (as low as -32 degrees Celcius)
  • Eco and pet-friendly 
Is vacation or one-time snow removal available?

No, unfortunately, Yardly does not offer a one-time snow removal service as we specialize in full-season maintenance.

We recommend signing up for our Snow Removal Plans if you are going on a vacation during the winter. You are not locked in a long-term contract and you can get a quote, pay, and manage your services all online. You can rest assured that your property is taken care of properly while you are enjoying your vacation away.

How does payment work?

All payment is processed conveniently and securely via credit cards and you can choose to pay monthly or prepay at the beginning of the season for additional savings. For monthly payment, you will be charged on the first of each month for the entire month of service. The first payment may be pro-rated if you start the subscription in the middle of the month.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, we have both seasonal and month-to-month plans. You can simply choose the month-to-month plan if you don't want to be locked in.

Simply request your cancellation at least 15 days before the next calendar month and your plan for the following month will be cancelled without penalty. Cancellation for the current month of the plan will not incur any pro-rated refund.

How does Yardly quote my yard?
Don’t worry about having to set up an appointment for a contractor to come to your property to give you a quote. We offer quotes within seconds using satellite imaging to determine the size of the area that needs to be cleared. You can get an instant quote of your price.
What if I have ice or packed snow on my driveway?

At the start of the subscription, any packed snow or significant ice buildup on your property will require an additional one-time fee for an initial clearing. This fee will be billed at an hourly rate of $60/hour. After the initial clearing, Yardly will be responsible for managing the ice on your property.

How can I get free snow removal service?

If you enjoy our snow removal service, introduce Yardly to your family or neighbours. Not only do you help them take care of their yard, but you also get rewarded as a Yardly customer. For every two successful referrals you make, you get one month of snow removal service for free! You can learn more about our Referral Program.

Need more help?

Visit the Help Center for more information.

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