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With Edmonton summers being so short and sweet, you need to maximize your time spent on a lush green lawn! Don’t let weeds get in the way; order our seasonal weed control and fertilization package today! Our weed control services can be bundled with lawn mowing to save you money on a complete lawn care package. As Edmonton’s favourite residential lawn care company, you can trust us to bring a beautiful lawn to you all summer.

Seasonal weed control and fertilization plans run from May to September every year. Yardly services most surrounding municipalities of the Greater Edmonton Region including Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce GroveSt. Albert, and Stony Plain.

Full Season Weed Control

Weed Control & Fertilization plan


$279/ Season


4 applications of weed control application from Spring to Fall
5 Application of Fertilization
Unlimited return courtesy visits

Why choose Yardly

Instant Free Quote

We use satellite imaging to review your property so you can get a quote in seconds.

Professional & Insured

All services are done by full-time professionals who are insured with $2M+ liability insurance.

Upfront Flat Pricing

No more price haggling - you get an upfront price with no surprises.

Professional Customer Support

Help available 7 days a week to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Simple Online Ordering

Order easily on your cell phone or desktop, just like online shopping.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

You get to rate the job after each service visit. We won't rest until the job is done right.


What's included in the Weed Control and Fertilization plan?
The Weed Control & Fertilization Plan includes unlimited weed control herbicide application and full season fertilization in your turf area from Spring to Fall. There will be a minimum of five visits, and courtesy revisits are included free-of-charge if there are weeds persist after applications!

Herbicide application will start in May and occur once every 4 to 6 weeks. Most common broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, thistle, and clover will die within one week, however, some pesky weeds may need a second application for it to take full effect. With our unlimited weed control, rest assured we will make sure you have a weed free lawn the entire summer!

  • Granular fertilization application will be applied in the same visit, to build stronger grassroots and blades, and strengthen the lawn against weed growth. During the fall, an application of winterizing fertilization is also applied, ensuring your lawn stays healthy through the winter.
Is a one-time application available?

No, unfortunately, Yardly does not offer one-time service, as a beautiful lawn needs long-term, full season care. With our Unlimited weed control, and full season fertilization, you can enjoy a green lawn all summer long.

How do you guarantee the results?

All service visits are carried out by government licensed applicators. After each spray, most common broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, thistle, and clover will die within one week, however, some pesky weeds may need a second application for it to take full effect. With our unlimited weed control, if you find that you still have weeds on your lawn after our application, we will re-visit and apply again free of charge. You can rest assured we will make sure you have a weed free lawn the entire summer!

How does payment work?

You will be charged for the full season service conveniently through credit card payment at the beginning of the season. If you order in the middle of the season, a prorated amount will be charged.

How does Yardly quote my yard?
Don’t worry about having to set up an appointment for a contractor to come to your property to give you a quote. We offer quotes within seconds using satellite imaging to determine the size of the area that needs to be cleared. You can get an instant quote of your price.
How can I get free service?

If you enjoy our weed control service, refer your friend or neighbor to Yardly! You will both receive a free month of lawn care services. Not only do you help them take care of their yard, but you also get rewarded as a Yardly customer. You can learn more about our Referral Program here.

Need more help?

Visit the Help Center for more information.

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